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When companies are facing financial difficulties like loss of earnings or liquidity, they need urgent support to avoid insolvency. Creditors and investors demand a comprehensive turnaround plan that can improve the company’s profitability and secure their loans and investments. At our company, we provide a holistic restructuring concept that considers all assets and optimizes companies through cost reductions while adjusting their balance sheets to secure a healthy financial structure. We tap into new revenue streams and never lose sight of the big picture.

We focus on strategic reorientation, operational restructuring, and financial restructuring to help companies resolve their most pressing issues, restructure their business systems, and regain the trust of their financial backers. We also offer digital audits to prepare companies for any potential disruptions.


Our business restructuring services range from (re)financing and external reporting to preventive restructuring frameworks and implementation strategies. Our restructuring professionals have extensive project experience in various industries and regions. Our goal is to establish sustainable business models that avert acute crises and provide comprehensive support for handling insolvency proceedings when all other possibilities have been exhausted. We work with the management team to develop corresponding strategies that ultimately achieve sustainable change and improve financial and operational performance.

At our company, we are committed to providing holistic and entrepreneurial restructuring concepts that strengthen the competitiveness of companies and prepare them to handle future risks, crises, and disruptions. Our toolkit includes liquidity, business, and scenario planning, and we focus on strategic alignment, operational restructuring, and financial restructuring to achieve a sustainable turnaround.