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Merger & Acquisitions

The ability to conduct effective and successful transactions is a critical element in entrepreneurial value creation. To that end, British Eagles has developed a specialized area of expertise in company mergers, acquisitions, sales, and related investment banking issues such as financing and capital structure consulting. Our consulting services have been honed over numerous intricate, often cross-border M&A transactions in the past five years.


The team at British Eagles comprises highly experienced partners and consultants who help clients worldwide understand the essence of value creation through transactions. Our expertise makes us a favoured choice for matters related to company sales and acquisitions within the M&A realm. We offer a wide range of services, from company valuations to providing development and contract conclusion, to transaction completion, including associated financial advisory matters and resolving non-performing loans, if necessary. Our services also encompass support for family businesses in their sales during succession scenarios, providing guidance to private equity investors or family offices regarding portfolio company             

sales, and assisting industrial concerns in segmenting their subsidiaries and business divisions (carve-outs). We are capable of facilitating the sale and acquisition of both financially stable companies (sunshine deals) and those in crisis and exceptional circumstances (distressed M&A). At British Eagles, our objective in M&A consulting is to ensure our clients’ long-term profitability and growth through strategic portfolio management. Our comprehensive spectrum of services includes offering guidance to buying companies and their management in the search for suitable takeover or merger candidates. We evaluate potential target firms, identify areas of synergy with a potential merger, calculate purchase prices, and manage all future process steps up to post-merger integration (PMI). We provide sellers with guidance in their quest to find buyers and investors, especially in the case of distressed sales during crisis scenarios or a shortage of successors for family businesses. Performing a successful M&A deal entails extensive knowledge and experience, as it involves interpreting much more than just the individual numbers. Our M&A experts provide unbiased consulting based on the latest financial knowledge, enabling our client’s management to retain control over their business decisions. We advise both buyers and sellers and offer support for carve-outs, the search for target firms, company valuation, capital structure optimization, identification of refinancing opportunities, and claims and liabilities management, including stakeholder moderation during the financing process (stakeholder management). At British Eagles, we execute our services rapidly and accurately, even in complex configurations. Our offerings include Valuations, Financial and debt advisory, Company sale, acquisition, and Distressed M&A.


The determination of a final range of valuation is carried out by various methods of valuation, such as the discounted cash flow process. It is also done by comparing with publicly traded companies and similar transactions, along with sensitivity analysis.

Financial and debt advisory

We evaluate the ability to service debts, where we consider liquidity and capital structure. Additionally, we optimize the capital costs and identify refinancing levers, including evaluating alternative sources. We also coordinate financing partners.

Company sale

We prepare the transaction by analyzing the company’s situation beforehand, and then selecting and addressing potential bidders. We work to develop a persuasive equity story and negotiate indicative, and binding offers. We then conclude contracts and close the transaction.

Company acquisition

Here, we define the due diligence requirements concerning the processes, systems, and schedules and search for takeover targets. We then contact the targets, carry out a comprehensive valuation, and support negotiating contracts of purchase in collaboration with lawyers. We conclude the signing and closing and conduct post-merger integration.

Distressed M&A.

We utilize strategic, operational, and financial restructuring levers to establish an independent turnaround business case. We receive support from trustees, administrators, and restructuring lawyers, as we engage in intense dialogue with all groups of creditors. We also engage in fire sales to international investors in distressed companies and strategic buyers.