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Financial & business consulting services

British Eagles

The demand for premium consulting in financial services remains high despite unprecedented difficulties. The industry must contend with market uncertainty, regulatory scrutiny, fierce competition, ground-breaking innovations, and shrinking profit margins. Start-ups and the latest technology are creating new products and channels that challenge long-established and traditional players in B2B and B2C markets. Modern financial customers now prioritize cost without compromising quality. So, what can be done to tackle these challenges?

British Eagles Financial services

British Eagles provides innovative and unique solutions for several areas in the financial services industry. Using our solutions, we can help our clients elevate their standing and transform their industry.

Our team of former senior executives shares their broad industry expertise through an open architecture model, which bolsters our offering of superior client service. We guide clients through the increasingly complex regulatory environment and competitive landscape with honesty and transparency, contributing to greater shareholder returns and sustainable growth.

We can help reinvigorate strategies and introduce new technologies to business models. Our proficiency in efficiency and restructuring runs deep. Don’t wait for the future to arrive. Let us assist you in setting the foundation for your sustainable future.

Our Financial services

Our expertise in financial advisory covers the following areas

Corporate Banking

In an environment that requires a lot, it’s essential to think about our strategies, how we organize ourselves, and our operations. For Corporate Banking, this means adjusting to the new norms caused by high-interest rates, mounting competition, and the challenge of staying pertinent in clients’ eyes. Banks can redefine their position and renew their ties with their clients by making bold decisions and exploring uncharted territories. We aim to help you pinpoint the best direction for you and offer assistance in modifying your organization, framing your customer approach, and improving your product range to navigate this intricate transition. We enable you to redefine what is important and what is essential.

SME Financial Advisory

British Eagles LLC is committed to providing comprehensive financial consulting services to entrepreneurs and SMEs amidst challenging market conditions. Our team of specialized professionals from diverse backgrounds includes finance experts with extensive experience in the business field and adept at facilitating credit facilities. Our tailored approach involves analyzing your credit and financial fundamentals, identifying and resolving issues promptly, and providing honest consultation, guidance, and assistance in tackling economic challenges. We possess a proven track record of preparing successful finance loan applications for various financial institutions. Our results-driven approach guarantees that we serve as a reliable guide for financing services, which encompass investment, expanding businesses, and enhancing liquidity. Our operations are characterized by transparency and efficiency, rooted in our unwavering commitment to honest evaluation. With a wealth of experience, we are confident in resolving numerous credit and financial history issues to our clients’ satisfaction. Join thousands of clients who trust us as a long-term financial consultant.

Commercial Real Estate finance

Commercial Real Estate has been performing exceptionally well with a record-breaking few years, burgeoning profits, and unprecedented low risks. However, the imminent economic slump is inevitable sooner or later. It’s a golden opportunity for executives to make their banks seaworthy” by improving efficiency and risk forecasting, driven by strong digital and data capabilities. Our role is to bring in our unique data analytics proposition and our proprietary digitization solutions for Commercial Real Estate companies so they can navigate through the economic downturn efficiently. Let’s face the crisis and emerge victorious.

Captive Finance and Leasing

In previous times, when companies engaged in the production of industrial goods, they established informal connections with financing or leasing providers. As there were limited alternatives available and high demand for these options, customers were content with these arrangements. However, the present-day scenario is different. Customers now demand comprehensive solutions that cater to all their requirements. Changes in accounting policies, the advent of the sharing economy, and the preference for “asset-light” businesses have significantly reduced the need for traditional financing. Leasing and captive finance providers must reinvent their services and offerings to stay relevant in the industry. We can assist you in discovering the right course of action by providing tailor-made and pragmatic solutions; we help you find the path forward.

Asset Management

The asset management industry is evolving in an increasingly challenging environment. The persisting growth of low-margin passive products and the emergence of FinTech competitors have raised the bar for investment needs. Under such margin pressure, the necessity for achieving economies of scale has escalated, leading to consolidation pressure. Adopting an end-to-end digitalized value chain is beneficial to sustainably minimize your cost base and offer exceptional value to your clients. We take pleasure in extending our support to you throughout this journey.

Wealth Management

Wealth managers face a perpetually evolving landscape spurred by many factors, such as new regulations, shifting client demands, and technological advancements that necessitate improved business and operational models. The emergence of platform models, robo-advisory services, and mobile trading has notably increased their significance within the wealth management industry. We are committed to providing support in devising an effective strategy that caters to your clients’ needs. Together, we can rise to this challenge.

Merger & Acquisitions

The ability to conduct effective and successful transactions is a critical element in entrepreneurial value creation. To that end, British Eagles has developed a specialized area of expertise in company mergers, acquisitions, sales, and related investment banking issues such as financing and capital structure consulting. Our consulting services have been honed over numerous intricate, often cross-border M&A transactions in the past five years.

The team at British Eagles comprises highly experienced partners and consultants who help clients worldwide understand the essence of value creation through transactions. Our expertise makes us a favoured choice for matters related to company sales and acquisitions within the M&A realm. We offer a wide range of services, from company valuations to providing development and contract conclusion, to transaction completion, including associated financial advisory matters and resolving non-performing loans, if necessary. Our services also encompass support for family businesses in their sales during succession scenarios, providing guidance to private equity investors or family offices regarding portfolio company sales, and assisting industrial concerns in segmenting their subsidiaries and business divisions (carve-outs). We are capable of facilitating the sale and acquisition of both financially stable companies (sunshine deals) and those in crisis and exceptional circumstances (distressed M&A). At British Eagles, our objective in M&A consulting is to ensure our clients’ long-term profitability and growth through strategic portfolio management. Our comprehensive spectrum of services includes offering guidance to buying companies and their management in the search for suitable takeover or merger candidates. We evaluate potential target firms, identify areas of synergy with a potential merger, calculate purchase prices, and manage all future process steps up to post-merger integration (PMI). We provide sellers with guidance in their quest to find buyers and investors, especially in the case of distressed sales during crisis scenarios or a shortage of successors for family businesses. Performing a successful M&A deal entails extensive knowledge and experience, as it involves interpreting much more than just the individual numbers. Our M&A experts provide unbiased consulting based on the latest financial knowledge, enabling our client’s management to retain control over their business decisions. We advise both buyers and sellers and offer support for carve-outs, the search for target firms, company valuation, capital structure optimization, identification of refinancing opportunities, and claims and liabilities management, including stakeholder moderation during the financing process (stakeholder management). At British Eagles, we execute our services rapidly and accurately, even in complex configurations. Our offerings include Valuations, Financial and debt advisory, Company sale, acquisition, and Distressed M&A.              
Valuations The determination of a final range of valuation is carried out by various methods of valuation, such as the discounted cash flow process. It is also done by comparing with publicly traded companies and similar transactions, along with sensitivity analysis.
Financial and debt advisory We evaluate the ability to service debts, where we consider liquidity and capital structure. Additionally, we optimize the capital costs and identify refinancing levers, including evaluating alternative sources. We also coordinate financing partners.
Company sale We prepare the transaction by analyzing the company’s situation beforehand, and then selecting and addressing potential bidders. We work to develop a persuasive equity story and negotiate indicative, and binding offers. We then conclude contracts and close the transaction.
Company acquisition Here, we define the due diligence requirements concerning the processes, systems, and schedules and search for takeover targets. We then contact the targets, carry out a comprehensive valuation, and support negotiating contracts of purchase in collaboration with lawyers. We conclude the signing and closing and conduct post-merger integration.
Distressed M&A. We utilize strategic, operational, and financial restructuring levers to establish an independent turnaround business case. We receive support from trustees, administrators, and restructuring lawyers, as we engage in intense dialogue with all groups of creditors. We also engage in fire sales to international investors in distressed companies and strategic buyers.

Capital Markets

The capital markets have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent decades, with significant changes such as the financialization of the economy, digitization, high-frequency and algorithmic trading, and new regulatory frameworks. To remain competitive in this rapidly evolving landscape, market participants, including stock exchanges and investment banks, must adopt an agile mindset and organization, maintain a laser-sharp focus on digitization, and implement a comprehensive talent management strategy to gain a decisive edge. We recognize that this competition is ongoing and far from resolved. Therefore, we are committed to supporting your success in this endeavour.


When companies are facing financial difficulties like loss of earnings or liquidity, they need urgent support to avoid insolvency. Creditors and investors demand a comprehensive turnaround plan that can improve the company’s profitability and secure their loans and investments. At our company, we provide a holistic restructuring concept that considers all assets and optimizes companies through cost reductions while adjusting their balance sheets to secure a healthy financial structure. We tap into new revenue streams and never lose sight of the big picture.

We focus on strategic reorientation, operational restructuring, and financial restructuring to help companies resolve their most pressing issues, restructure their business systems, and regain the trust of their financial backers. We also offer digital audits to prepare companies for any potential disruptions.

Our business restructuring services range from (re)financing and external reporting to preventive restructuring frameworks and implementation strategies. Our restructuring professionals have extensive project experience in various industries and regions. Our goal is to establish sustainable business models that avert acute crises and provide comprehensive support for handling insolvency proceedings when all other possibilities have been exhausted. We work with the management team to develop corresponding strategies that ultimately achieve sustainable change and improve financial and operational performance.

At our company, we are committed to providing holistic and entrepreneurial restructuring concepts that strengthen the competitiveness of companies and prepare them to handle future risks, crises, and disruptions. Our toolkit includes liquidity, business, and scenario planning, and we focus on strategic alignment, operational restructuring, and financial restructuring to achieve a sustainable turnaround.

Private Equity​

Our team of private equity consultants is dedicated to serving as a reliable and knowledgeable partner for both financial and strategic investors. We bring extensive expertise in transactions and value-creation projects, empowering private equity firms and their portfolio companies to make informed investment decisions and unlock hidden company value. Through our global network of industry and functional experts, we can accurately assess target companies and create equity stories to maximize exit value. We offer a wide range of services, including commercial and operational due diligence and value-creation programs for portfolio companies.

Our consulting approach is holistic, leveraging our knowledge of markets and cultures worldwide to provide clients with a comprehensive view of investment considerations and due diligence findings. We apply a strategic, operational, and financial lens to each engagement, ensuring our clients receive end-to-end investment support.